Thank you for visiting our page. Camping was something we loved the idea of, but could never quite understand how people could do it. Or even why?! Then we discovered Glamping. It was a game changer and life saver, a way of getting away from it all and connecting with each other as a family, without paying a fortune for plane tickets and without having to freeze our nuts off/catch pneumonia in the process. We’re starting our adventures in the UK because firstly, it’s stunning. And secondly, we have a 1 year old who hates being in the car for longer than nap time…. so the vineyards of France will have to wait for a few years….

When I started looking for information on glamping and what we’d need to ensure that we didn’t feel too deprived and actually enjoy ourselves, there really wasn’t a whole lot out there to help us. So I’m hoping this blog will give other families, couples, friends, the inspiration to go out there and try it themselves, you really will create some special memories ❤️

Happy Glamping!


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